Internal Medicine


Whether our patient is a kitten, a 5lb chihuahua, or a 150lb mastiff, our approach to providing care remains the same. After obtaining a history, performing a physical exam and interpreting appropriate diagnostic tests, your veterinarian will create a therapeutic plan to help your pet recover as quickly as possible. 

The most common diagnostics we perform are basic bloodwork and radiographs (x-rays). Often times this is all that is required to determine how to best treat your pet. However, like most things in life, medicine is never simple, and it’s rarely black and white. Often times multiple tests and treatments are required to ensure that your pet has the best possible outcome. 

For some problems, patients can be given medication and go home the same day. However, many situations require more advanced testing, surgery, or several days of hospitalization to accurately diagnose and treat your pet. While we do not provide 24 hour monitoring, we have a fully functional inpatient hospital for most medical needs. Your pet’s well being is always our number one priority. Our doctors will do their best to ensure that you understand your pet's illness and all treatment options.